IndiGo flight tickets will become expensive, know which big shock the airline gave by imposing a charge

IndiGo flight tickets will become expensive, know which big shock the airline gave by imposing a charge

IndiGo: If you are thinking of traveling by flight in the coming time, then you may have to pay more for IndiGo tickets. The country’s largest domestic carrier Indigo has announced to impose fuel surcharge on the routes of its domestic and international flights. In view of the continuously increasing ATF prices, Indigo has imposed a fuel charge of Rs 1000 from Friday 6th October. This charge of Rs 1000 is for the maximum limit and after this the flight tickets are sure to become expensive.

Fuel charge will be up to Rs 1000

Fuel charge will be implemented on IndiGo’s domestic and foreign flights at 12:01 tonight and different rates will be applicable depending on the distance. The lowest fuel charge is Rs 300 and the maximum charge is Rs 1000.

Know how much fuel will be charged on different kilometers

Rs 300 on 0-500 kms 
Rs 400 on 501-1000 kms
Rs 550 on 1001-1500 kms
Rs 650 on 1501-2500 kms
2501-3500 kms 800 rupees
1000 rupees above 3501 km

What reason did the airline give behind the decision

Today, while announcing the imposition of these fuel charges, Indigo said that the fuel charge is being imposed keeping in mind the prices of aviation turbine fuel which have increased drastically in the last three months and are continuously increasing every month. IndiGo said that ATF constitutes a major part of the airline’s operating expenses and due to this there has been a huge increase in the cost of flying flights, to deal with which this decision was necessary.

Indigo flight tickets may become expensive

Recently, the country’s largest domestic airlines company Indigo had given a salary hike to its pilots and cabin crew, but now the airline has given a shock by imposing this fuel surcharge. The burden of this fuel surcharge is sure to ultimately fall on the passengers.

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