India’s biggest achievement in game industry, information revealed in this report

Photo:India TV India’s biggest achievement in game industry

Game Industry: India seems to be creating new history every day. Now the country has got another big achievement. A new report has revealed that India now has the second largest gamers base in the world with 396.4 million gamers.

shareholding of more than 50 per cent alone

According to data provided by market research firm Nico Partners, India now accounts for 50.2 per cent of all gamers in the top-10 Asian countries list. The report titled ‘The Asia-10 Games Market’ states that India is also the fastest growing market in terms of revenue, with a growth rate of 21 per cent for five consecutive years.

Business expected to be $41.4 billion in 2026

Nico Partners estimates that the Asia-10 PC and mobile game market will hit $35.9 billion in 2022, reaching $41.4 billion in 2026. Gamers are growing at a much faster rate than revenue. Nico Partners estimates that the total number of Asia-10 PC and mobile gamers will be 788.7 million in 2022, reaching 1.06 billion in 2026.”

These three countries are developing fast

India, Thailand and the Philippines are the fastest growing markets for game revenue and number of gamers. Japan and Korea are the most mature markets in the Asia-10 region, accounting for over 77 per cent of revenue, the report said.

The future of this industry is bright

Mobile gaming is growing in size very fast in India. Three out of four brands have significantly increased their investment in mobile gaming advertising in the last year. According to a report released in September, 75 percent of brands have been advertising on mobile game apps for more than a year, which has led to a two-fold increase in gaming ad spend since the pandemic. According to InMobi’s ‘Mobile Game Advertising 2022’ report, mobile gaming advertising saw a 2x increase in ad spend (on-year) as 97 percent of marketers who advertised on mobile gaming said they were satisfied with the results .

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