Indian Students In USA: America becomes the first choice of Indian students, leaving China behind

Indian Students In USA: America becomes the first choice of Indian students, leaving China behind

Indian Students In USA: It is a dream for Indians to go abroad and get higher education. Millions of Indians went to pursue education all over the world including Europe and America. Many of them settle there and start building their future. This is the reason why today the command of all the big companies of the world including Google-Microsoft is in the hands of Indian people. This year, America has become the first choice for those going abroad to study. This is the third consecutive year when Indian students liked the option of going to America to study the most. This is the reason why out of total 10 lakh foreign students studying in America, 25 percent are Indians. 

America became the first choice for the third consecutive year 

According to a report released by the US Embassy on the beginning of International Education Week, the first choice of Indian students for higher education is USA. This trend of Indian students has been going on for three consecutive years. According to the report, the number of students going to America from India has increased by about 35 percent. In the year 2022-23, this number has increased to more than 2.68 lakh students. The number of Indians among the total foreign students in America is 25 percent. That means every fourth foreign student in the country is now an Indian. 

Leaving China behind 

Indian students have left behind Chinese students in America. The number of Indian students graduating in America has increased by 63 percent to more than 1.65 lakh as compared to 2009-10. This figure is more than the students of China. Last year the number of undergraduate students increased by 16 percent. Besides, the number of Indians taking Optical Practical Training (OPT) has also reached the highest number of 69062. OPT is a type of partial work permission. 

Visas issued in record numbers 

US Embassy and Consulates issued visas to 95269 Indian students across all categories during June-August 2023. This is a record in itself. There has been an increase of 18 percent in this compared to 2022. US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti thanked the Indian students and their families for this.

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