Indian Railway Rules: Mobile or purse has fallen from a moving train, then do this immediately! Goods will be returned soon

Indian Railway Rules: Indian Railway is the fourth largest rail network in the world. Every day crores of passengers travel in the train. It is a common practice to use the phone while traveling in the train. Often people do this to pass the time. But many times while doing this, important things like mobile phone or purse etc. fall on the railway track. In such a situation, people get very upset. Nowadays the phone has become very important. Often people keep all the information from banking details to ID saved in the phone itself. In such a situation, without a mobile phone, a lot of trouble can be faced. To overcome this kind of problem, Railways has made some rules. By following these rules you can recover your lost phone or purse.

Don’t do chain pulling

Often people start chain pulling to stop the train when the mobile phone falls on the railway track. But doing so should be avoided as it is a punishable offence. You can be fined and jailed for one year or both. According to railway rules, chain pulling can be done only in case of emergency (Chain Pulling Rules). Passengers cannot do chain pulling if any luggage falls or is dropped. Now in such a situation, the question arises that what is the way for the passengers to get their luggage back.

How to get a mobile phone

If your mobile phone or purse has fallen on the railway track, then first of all note down the number written in yellow and black on the pole on the side of the track. After this, find out between which two railway stations your phone has fallen. For this, you can take the help of TTE or any other passenger’s mobile phone. After this, call the helpline number 182 of the Railway Police Force or the railway helpline number 139 and inform about the disappearance of your mobile phone or luggage.

During this, you should give your pole number information to RPF. With this information, it will be easy for the railway police to find their goods. Along with this, the chances of getting your mobile phone will increase manifold. After this, the police will reach your specified place and collect your mobile phone. Keep in mind that the police only make efforts. If someone has taken your mobile phone then you will not be able to get it back.

When to pull the alarm chain

It is important to note that you can pull the train’s alarm chain only in case a child or an elderly person is left behind at the railway station. On the other hand, if the disabled person has left the railway station above and the train has started, then chain pulling can be done in such a situation. Apart from this, chain pulling is allowed only in case of fire, dacoity or any emergency in the train.

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