India Vs China: India has the power to beat China! Anand Mahindra explained all the multiplication

India Vs China: India has the power to beat China!  Anand Mahindra explained all the multiplication

India has emerged as a ray of hope for the whole world in this era of economic slowdown and recession. As the world struggles to avoid slipping into recession, India remains the fastest growing major global economy. This is the reason why India’s stature has increased rapidly in recent times. Many institutions believe that in the coming few years, India will not only leave behind Japan and Germany, but China and America are also going to be left behind from India. /h3>

Apart from institutions like Goldman, SBI and S&P, many domestic and foreign giants have reiterated such things in the last few days. Some believe that India will leave America behind by 2075, while others say that India will overtake China in 2047 itself. Veteran industrialist Anand Mahindra also seems to agree on India’s overtaking of China.

Anand Mahindra commented on the occasion

India’s progress and emergence as an economic superpower Anand Mahindra, who is always optimistic, has recently said big things in this regard. He was addressing a gathering at the announcement of the financial results of his business group Mahindra & Mahindra for the first quarter of the financial year 2023-24.

We are far behind

On this occasion, Anand Mahindra said that India is benefiting a lot from the recent geopolitical tensions and because of that many manufacturers are getting attracted towards India instead of China. He said that now India’s manufacturing companies are behind by a very small margin and they can soon displace China as the world’s factory.

This is the reason why big companies are coming to India

< p>However, Anand Mahindra also reiterated that geopolitical tension is not the only reason for India to overtake China. He made it clear that the economy has a big role in this. He said that the cost of manufacturing in India is the lowest in the world. This is the reason why companies like Apple, Samsung, Boeing and Toshiba have now shifted a large part of their manufacturing to India.

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