Increased gold, silver .. Rates that shine after 2 days

Gold and silver prices rebounded after a two-day break. Gold and silver prices rose again in markets across the country. The price of 10 grams of 22 carat gold rose by Rs 450 to Rs 47,200 in the Hyderabad market. On Thursday, the price fell to Rs 46,750. However, gold prices have been volatile since the Fed raised interest rates. Increasing one day and decreasing another day. Prices fell for two days in a row and rose again. Also, the price of 24 carat Libra gold rose from Rs 51,000 to Rs 51,490. And Silver also shines in today’s market. The price has gone up by Rs 200 against KG Silver to Rs 65,000. These prices were similar in the Vijayawada market. 10 carat gold of 22 carat gold rose to Rs 47,200 and 10 gram gold of 24 carat gold to Rs 51,490. Silver also rose by Rs 200 to Rs 65,000 in Vijayawada.

On the other hand, gold of 22 carats per 10 grams rose by Rs 200 in the national capital. This brings the rate to Rs 47,200. Also, 10 gram gold of 24 carat rose by Rs 490 to Rs 51,490. Silver jumped by Rs 400 to Rs 60,800. Elsewhere, gold and silver prices rose in Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.

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With US Treasury yields declining .. Josh came in for gold. The weakening of the dollar has made gold attractive to foreign buyers. Inflation hits new highs in US consumer price data released Domestically, too, inflation has risen to eight-year highs. As inflation rises .. Central banks are likely to be more rigorous in terms of monetary policies. U.S. inflation data is higher than market expectations. This led to an increase in gold prices internationally.

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