How much do you know about the gadgets used in meditation? Know here the smart features of Dhyana Ring 2

Photo: File Know here the smart features of Dhyana ring 2 of meditation

Meditation is a practice through which people can increase awareness. Although many people are unable to meditate. There are many reasons for this – not being able to sit for a long time, many things going on in the mind while meditating, getting distracted by the people around. This is the reason why people do not meditate. If you are also struggling to do meditation, then today we will tell you about a gadget with the help of which you can do meditation easily.

The name of this gadget is Dhyan Ring 2. It is a smart device which helps you to meditate. Let us know how this gadget works and what are its benefits.

How does it work?

The makers of the Meditation Ring 2 say that while meditating, this device checks your heart rate and detects how you breathe and focus during this time. It is believed that this gadget tracks the time spent in meditation. So if you sit with your eyes closed for an hour, this gadget will tell you how long you were focused.

How to connect Dhyan Ring 2?

You can connect the Meditation Ring 2 with apps such as Calm, Headspace. You can operate this gadget from both Android and iPhone mobile phones.

What are the benefits of Meditation Ring 2?

It can also track sleep, activity and blood oxygen levels, but its main purpose is to focus on meditation. At the moment the Meditation Ring is available in 5 different sizes, but the company claims that it can actually expand to fit different sizes, as there is a cut in the middle of the ring.

What is the cost of Meditation Ring 2?

The Dhyan Ring 2 is currently available for pre-order for Rs.24,999. The company has completed the first set of 1000 orders in November. It has a battery life of five days. It has a small LED light on the front, which blinks to let the user know that it is time to meditate.

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