History of cryptocurrency is the film. It will be released in 3 seasons.

Japanese film studio Noma has announced that it will be producing three films about crypto with the support of various experts and experts.

The film, titled ‘The Rhetoric Star’, the company’s first crypto film, is currently in pre – production and has been announced to hit theaters in 2024.

Taicho Itô, founder of Noma, has released a statement on the film. He also said in a statement that the film aims to teach people about crypto by telling a creative story about crypto. It also mentions that ‘The Rhetoric Star’ will be directed and produced by Tycho Ido.

According to the Cointelegraph report, the Noma founder is proud to say that the team is working with Bitcoin experts and award-winning sound designer Sefi Carmel on The Rhetoric Star.

Haruna Kozu, a Japanese animator who has worked on popular animations such as Pokemon, Fairy Tail and Demon Slayer, is a leading figure in the animation of these films.

The second film in the series is titled ‘Opus’ and is said to be an animated series film documenting the production process of The Rhetoric Star.

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