Health Insurance: Now people suffering from serious diseases like HIV will also be able to get health insurance cover, know the rules of IRDAI

Health Insurance Coverage: A good news related to Health Insurance is coming out. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) on Wednesday started an initiative to provide insurance facilities to people suffering from serious diseases in the country. IRDAI has asked all the health insurance companies that, now emphasis should be given on inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, HIV-AIDS and mental illness in the health policy. So that they can also get the benefit of insurance cover. 

IRDAI issues circular

IRDAI has informed in one of its circulars that, registration certificate has been issued to all the companies engaged in the business of general and health insurance. In which it is said that, they must compulsorily launch and present their respective products immediately. About a year ago, the insurance regulator asked health insurers to add mental illnesses to regular health insurance coverage. But only a few companies saw its effect. Not all companies have made such an offer.

Benefits to those suffering from serious diseases 

On behalf of the insurance regulator, health insurance policies should now provide the benefit of health cover to persons with disabilities, those suffering from serious illness like HIV/AIDS and those suffering from mental illness. It has been asked to offer specific cover for people with such ailment. By doing this the insurance company can increase the scope of its work.

Health insurance became necessary 

Inflation is running at its peak in the country. The expenses of treatment in the same hospitals are increasing. If suddenly a medical emergency occurs in your family, then your deposited money is immediately used for the expenses of the hospital. To avoid this, it has become very important for every person to take health insurance. A health insurance plan helps you to deal with the financial pressure easily due to any medical emergency like surgery or any other serious illness.

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