Have to arrange Rs 10 crore for retirement after 25 years? Know how the target will be met

New Delhi: Suppose you are doing a job and your salary is in 6 digits or lakhs and above, then you will definitely need a decent amount at the time of your retirement. As the era of inflation is progressing very fast, people are worried about how far it will reach in the coming few decades. At the same time, SIP comes in handy for you i.e. Systematic Investment Plan or SIP. A good amount is collected through SIP, you must have heard this, but how to plan it, if you want to know about it, then see here.

Know what the experts say
If you want to meet the target of achieving 10 crore rupees after the next 25 years, then you have to take care of one big fact. Pankaj Mathpal, MD and CEO, Optima Money Managers, says that for retirement planning, one should keep the inflation factor in mind. Investors are advised to keep in mind the inflation rate of 10 per cent per annum if they are investing for retirement planning. The investment tool they are choosing should have the power to build and grow your corpus, leaving behind an inflation rate of 10 per cent. 

Which investment tool is better for long goals of 25 years
Investment period of 25 years is a good time and for this time Pankaj Mathpal recommends to go for Equity Mutual Fund . It will be able to meet your investment goal by leaving behind the assumed inflation rate. If you invest in equity mutual funds for 25 years, your corpus target of Rs 10 crore can be met. For this, you can choose the SIP route and invest in Equity Mutual Funds.

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