Harley-Davidson said ‘goodbye’ to India, these giant companies also left the Indian market

Harley-Davidson said ‘goodbye’ to India, left the Indian market

Cruiser bikes manufacturer Harley-Davidson has decided to mention goodbye to the Indian market. within the previous couple of years, there’s an enormous decline within the company’s sales. the present epidemic had increased this crisis even further.

new Delhi. American company Harley Davidson has announced the closure of producing and sales operations in India on Thursday. the corporate has taken this decision as a part of the restructuring process, named ‘The Rewire’. In August itself, this cruiser bike manufacturer had indicated this in sight of losses within the international market. This company will now focus exclusively on the American market.

Harley-Davidson employees in danger

The company has had to require this decision thanks to poor sales record and large demand reduction thanks to Corona virus epidemic. a complete of two ,500 Harley-Davidson units were sold in India during the last fiscal year . along side this, it had been the worst performance of the corporate within the international market. After this decision of the corporate , about 70 employees working in India also will be laid off. The assembly unit of Harley-Davidson is in Bawan of Haryana.

Sales in India were continuously falling
Harley bikes sales fell 22 per cent within the Indian market in FY 2019. the corporate sold only 2,676 units this year. within the first fiscal year , 3,413 units were sold. 65 percent of the bikes sold in India are but 750CC capacity.

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