Government’s order to IAS-IPS officers, if they invest money in shares, they will have to do this work

Government’s order to IAS-IPS officers, if they invest money in shares, they will have to do this work

Share Market Investment: Share Market gives everyone opportunities to earn income that beats inflation. This is the reason why people of different professions also invest money in the stock market and try to create an alternative source of income. Many IAS (IAS), IPS (IPS) and IFS (IFS) officers are also included in such people. Now the central government has issued a new order for such officers. These officers who invest money in the stock market will now have to follow the government’s new guidelines.

Information will have to be given in these matters

According to a news agency PTI, the Central Personnel The ministry has issued a new order in this regard. According to the order, if the officers of Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service and Indian Forest Service will have to give information about the trading done in the stock market to the government. However, this provision is for such officers, who transact more than their 6 months basic salary during a year.

This is the order of Ministry of Personnel

Central Govt. In order to enable the administrative authorities to keep a watch on the transactions made in any stock, share or other investment in the case of members of All India Services, this order has been sent to the Secretaries of all Ministries of the Government of India. It has been taken that if the value of the transaction made in any stock, share or other investment during a calendar year exceeds the basic government payment of six months, then its information should be given to the concerned authorities in the form specified with the order every year. Year will have to be given.

Such transactions will be considered as speculation

The ministry had issued this order on 20 March. Quoting Rule 14(1) of the Conduct Rules, the order states that no member shall speculate in respect of any stock, share or other investment, but this provision is not applicable to such investments made on the spot. Which are done through stock brokers or other persons licensed under the relevant rules. It has also been clarified in the order that if money is repeatedly invested in any one share, stock or investment, it will be considered as speculative.

These are considered as movable assets

< p>The order further states that as per Rule 16 of the All India Services (Conduct) Rules 1968, shares, securities and debentures etc. have been considered as movable assets. In such a situation, if an officer makes total transactions in shares, securities and debentures etc., more than two months’ basic salary, then it will be necessary to provide information in this case also.

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