‘Good signs’ seen in the charts! SIP in 2023 or Lumpsum Investment? know will be beneficial

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After a long time, when there is a breakout in the stock market, both traders and investors fasten their seat belts, most of the new traders invest in every upswing, 99% of them lose their money, but investors invest in every big fall and Make money in the long term.

Now the time has come when new investors start investing their money on every good fall in the stock market. mutual fund (index fund) I can invest money in They should be ready for this because for almost a year the stock market has shown a good recovery while making lower lows and has crossed its old highs. That is, now it is preparing to make a new high, which can be seen in the next 6 to 8 months.

What does the history of Nifty-50 say?

Nifty-50 and Sensex are two indices in the stock market. I follow Nifty-50, so here is my example. Whenever Nifty has cut its old high, then it has made a new high. Just keep one thing in mind that new highs are never formed very quickly. Falling up and down, it goes to new highs. Now no one can tell what will be the new high. No one can tell in how many days or months it will be made, one can only speculate but it will definitely be a new high, it has been decided by the current chart of Nifty-50.

‘Good’ signals visible in the charts

We are saying this because Nifty-50 made its high on October 2021, ie crossed the level of 18300 and the market kept falling for about 8 months. There was a time when the Nifty fell to 15,400 in June. And then taking sharp recovery from there, it has cut its old high in this month i.e. November 2022, i.e. has crossed its previous high. There has been a breakout in the Nifty-50 chart. Means now it is an indication that you invest money in the market on every good fall of Nifty-50. A good fall means a fall of 2% or more from a quarter. New investors should not jump directly into the market and invest money through mutual funds.

Do SIP at this time or Lumpsum?

SIP in simple language means that every month a fixed amount will be withdrawn from your account on a fixed date and automatically deposited in the mutual fund chosen by you. For this, you do not have to visit the bank every month. And on the other hand, you invest money according to your lumpsum. Now is the time of lumpsum. Because after the breakout of Nifty-50, it is certain that the market will make a new high after a few months or days. In such a situation, by investing money at the time of decline, you can make a good investment at the lower level and can make a huge amount in the future.

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