Peacock ring made of gold for Rs 16,000 .. Adire Mangalasutra for Rs 22,000!

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Thinking of buying gold? However, gold jewelery is available for you at an attractive price. Most designs can be found. You do not even have to go anywhere for this. Can be purchased at home.

Wondering how? Gold jewelry can also be purchased online. Leading jewelery companies offer online shopping services to customers. Tanishq is one of them. You can go from home to the Tanishq website and buy the jewelery of your choice.

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Mangalasutra pendant found on Tanishq website. Dusting with stylish design. It is priced at Rs 21,972. It should be noted that the price of this Mangalasutra pendant also varies depending on how much the price of gold is on the day of purchase.

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It currently weighs 3.382 grams. 22 carat gold. You can buy it online. There is also a 7 day return policy. Not only this Mangalasutra but also the peacock ring on the website is a great one.

The peacock ring is priced at Rs 16,739. It weighs 2.597 grams. Size 16.8 mm. This ring is also made with 22 carats. You can also buy this ring online. Delivery to your home. If you want to buy gold too late .. You can go to the website and buy the jewelry of your choice.