Eye-catching profit with gold for Diwali .. Rs 14,000 plus double the money!

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  • Gold Bond Scheme from the Government
  • Buy from 1 gram of gold
  • Issued by RBI on behalf of the Central Government

The price of gold is running high. This will benefit many people. Do you think it would be profitable if the price of gold went up? Most people buy when the price of gold goes down. Hence they get less gold. If the same increases .. those who have already invested in gold will benefit.

The central government is offering a chance to invest money in gold. Offering Gold Bond Scheme. This scheme has been available for a long time. Those who put money in gold bonds in November 2015 will now get a lucrative benefit. They can avail Gold Bond Premature Withdrawals facility.

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Then the gold bond price was Rs 2683 per gram. At present, the gold bond price has touched Rs 5135. That means selling those gold bonds now would almost double the profit. It can be said that the revenue has come in five years. There is no need to work hard for this. It is enough to buy gold bonds with cash in hand.

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Those who had previously invested in gold bonds (November 2015) are now getting 90 per cent return. It can be said that the revenue is 14 per cent every year. Gold bond prices are not the only thing rising. There is also another benefit here. Same interest rate.

Interest also comes if money is invested in gold bonds. The interest rate is 2.75 per cent per annum. That means if you had bought gold bonds for Rs 1 lakh 5 years ago .. now you would have got Rs 13,750 in the form of interest. Gold bonds are listed on the stock market. So these can be sold anytime. Or buy.

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