Chance to buy cheap gold for Diwali .. This offer is also available at SBI and Andhra Banks!

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The Central Government is offering the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme. The Modi government is making the Gold Bond Scheme available to customers in installments. Now another installment of the Gold Bond is set to launch next week. Starts Monday. The Gold Bond subscription will be available until November 13th. Gold bond price is Rs 5,177 per gram. At the same time, if you buy gold bonds online, you will get a discount of Rs 50 per gram. That means then the price of a gram of gold would be Rs 5,127. Gold is currently trading at Rs 5,237 per gram. That means you can save up to Rs 1,100 if you buy 10 grams of gold bonds.

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The Central Government introduced the Gold Bond Scheme in November 2015. It has been issuing Gold Bonds in installments since then. The maturity period of Gold Bonds is 8 years. The gold bonds are issued by the Reserve Bank of India RBI on behalf of the Central Government. These bonds can be purchased through banks, post offices and stock exchanges. Then there is the benefit of investing in gold bonds. You also get interest on your gold bonds. It earns 2.5 per cent interest per annum. Gold bonds can be sold if you need them after five years. The gold bond price is determined on the basis of the average price of gold over the past three days.

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