Gold Price: The good news is that gold and silver prices have fallen sharply today

Gold and silver prices fell sharply in Telugu states. This is good news for pasidi lovers. This is good news for those who want to buy silver as well. In Hyderabad, the gold rate on May 14 was Rs. 820 dropped. With this, the gold rate is Rs. Came down to 50,670. This rate applies to 24 carat gold. When it comes to the same ornamental 22 carat gold .. its rate is Rs. 750 decreased. Rs. Decreased to 46,450. Not only gold but also silver and silver prices have seen a decline. The price of silver is Rs. 1600 fell. With this, the price of silver rose to Rs. Down to 63,400. This is a good opportunity for those looking to buy gold jewelry, silver earrings and bracelets. Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam have similar rates. These rates do not include GST or other charges. Hence there may be some variation in rates.

Gold for a minimum of 13 months
Gold prices continue to trend down in the international market as well. At the same time, the pound sterling rate fell to a 13-month low. Experts say gold and silver prices are on a bearish trend. The rebound in global stock markets has had a negative impact on the price of gold, which is considered a safe investment tool. June Gold Futures price is moving at $ 1812 per ounce. July Comex Silver Futures price is at $ 20.7 per ounce.

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According to the technical chart, gold is still in the bearish trend, experts say. The Daily Bar chart reported a 2-month down trend. Gold is valued at $ 1827, followed by resistance at $ 1850. As well as $ 1809 and support at $ 1800.

The dollar index is strong
The dollar index, on the other hand, is soaring. Reached a two-decade high. This has had a negative impact on the price of gold. At the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) market, gold closed at Rs 49,909 per 10 grams on Friday night. That means the pound sterling rate fell 2.86 percent during the week. It can be said that investors are investing more money in US dollars and bonds than in gold.

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