Gold in Danger Zone

The price of gold fell on the brakes. PSD rates remained stable on May 16. The gold price followed the silver rate and the silver rate. There is no change in the silver rate either. With this, the price of Ornamental Gold 22 carat gold in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam has gone up by Rs. 46,250. Also when it comes to 24 carat gold .. its rate is Rs. Continues to be stable at 50,450. Silver Price Silver Price Rs. Is at 63,700. According to bullion market experts, factors such as the strengthening of the US dollar, depreciation of the Indian rupee and higher treasury yields will have an impact on gold prices. He also explained that rising interest rates, inflationary pressures and the Russia-Ukraine war would have an effect on the pound. Crude oil and the Federal Reserve Chairman’s speech are expected to have an impact on gold rates this week.

Gold rates in the global market
Gold prices in the international market are positive today. The pound sterling rate rose 0.34 percent per ounce. This brought the rate to $ 1814. As well as silver Jigel people. Silver rose 1.27 percent to $ 21.24 an ounce. If rates rise in the international market, the impact will be felt in the domestic market as well. There is a chance that prices will move up in our country as well.

Gold in the Danger Zone
Experts say the gold market is in a danger zone as gold prices fall close to $ 1800 an ounce. The US dollar hit a 20-year high of 104.8. Gold prices have strong support at $ 1800, and if pound sterling rates fall below this level, then there could be a sharp fall. It is estimated to fall to $ 1750. The dollar has reversed the current trend but the pound has not rallied. In addition, many are optimistic that the US Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates in the near future to curb inflation.

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