Go First Flights: When will the flights of Go First start again? The company gave this answer to DGCA

Go First Flights: When will the flights of Go First start again?  The company gave this answer to DGCA

Go First Flights Operations: Go First had stopped operating its flights on May 3, 2023 due to poor financial conditions. Since then, continuous speculations are being made by the company to start the flight operations again. Now big news has come regarding this. GoFirst has informed the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) that they have not fixed any date to start operating flights. Along with this, on Tuesday, the suspended board of the airlines has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the four aircraft lessor companies.

The company has not fixed any deadline

According to the information given to DGCA by Go First Airline (Go First Crisis), at present the airlines have not fixed any time limit to start their flight operations. It is worth noting that since last week, news was coming that the company can start its flight operations from May 27 with 20 aircraft, but now after this clarification of the airlines, there is no possibility of starting the operation. Not coming.

Learn what happened so far

The National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) on Monday said that the insolvency resolution proceedings against GoFirst Airline will be continued, after which the efforts of aircraft lessor companies to take back their aircraft have suffered a severe blow. The four aircraft leasing companies are SMBC Aviation Capital Limited, GY Aviash, SFV Aircraft Holdings and Engine Leasing Finance BV. A total of 22 aircraft are owned by the Wadia Group.

Flight operations have been suspended since May 3

GoFirst is one of the largest companies providing cheap air services in the domestic market. Airlines were going through a bad economic phase for a long time, after which the company stopped its flight services on 3 May. Along with this, while approaching the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), he had applied for bankruptcy. Since then, many types of news are coming about the flight operations of the airlines, but after the statement given to DGCA, it has become clear that at present the company has not taken any decision regarding the operation of the flights.

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