Gaming is fond of, these are the best gaming consoles for less than 10 thousand

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Games are not only an entertainment for sports lovers, but in many research it is believed that if gaming is played in limited quantity, it improves memory power. Players play with focus to save themselves, which not only increases concentration, but they also learn new and advanced techniques while having fun. By the way, nowadays gaming companies are also taking great care that their games should be liked everywhere and in every age group. That’s why companies are making such games in which your mental ability and focus should be checked. Not everyone can afford a gaming laptop, or gaming setup, that’s why there are low cost consoles in the market. In such consoles, you also get many preloaded games and advanced techniques of gaming from the companies. So let us tell you today about some gaming consoles that you can buy within 10 thousand.

X70 game console

Priced at Rs.8499, the game console has great features. In this you will get more than 3000 preloaded games. You will get this linux system console with a seven inch screen which is very light weight. In this, you will also be given a 32G TF card.

EvoFox Game Box

Coming with a one-year warranty, the console comes with a remote, so it’s a great console for kids to teens. In this you can play more than 100 Android TV games and more than 1000 retro games on Big Screen TV. 4 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, and quad core processor makes it even more unique.


This gaming console available at the price of 7399 can be a great option for you. In this you get the G11 Supermagic Box, which is wireless. Talk about memory, this console with 64 GB memory has more than 10 thousand preloaded games. With 3.4K HD output, the console also supports PSP, 3D games and GBA.

New World Tv Video Game

It is not a console but a plug and play game stick of sorts which is very easy to install. Its starting price is Rs.3499. In this you can get thousands of preloaded games. You will not even need separate internet for gaming in this stick with 2 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory.

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