Reduced crude .. Petrol and diesel prices are there ..

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There is no change in domestic fuel prices. Are consistently ongoing. Petrol and diesel prices remain stable today. In Hyderabad, petrol was priced at Rs 87.06 and diesel at Rs 80.60 on Tuesday. This is the 29th consecutive day that petrol and diesel prices have remained stable. In Amravati, petrol and diesel prices are similar. Petrol price remains stable at Rs 89.92. Diesel price remained stable at Rs 82.98. Prices are similar in Vijayawada. Petrol price remained stable at Rs 89.44. Diesel price remains stable at Rs 82.54.

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Petrol price is also stable in the national capital, Delhi. Continues at Rs.83.71. Diesel price remained stable at Rs 73.87. Prices are similar in the commercial capital Mumbai. Petrol price remains stable at Rs 90.34. Diesel price is stable at Rs 80.51. On the other hand, crude oil prices fell in the international market. Brent crude fell 0.47 percent to $ 50.84 a barrel. WTI crude fell 0.34 percent to $ 47.47 a barrel. Generally, petrol and diesel prices fluctuate every day. Energy retailers have been adjusting petrol and diesel prices on the basis of crude oil prices in the international market. Against this background prices may rise one day. May fall another day. Or may continue to be stable.