Fruits and vegetables can be kept fresh for eight days without refrigerator, this new technique discovered in India

Photo:India TV Fruits and vegetables will remain fresh for eight days without refrigerator

Fruits and Vegetables: Now fruits and vegetables can be kept fresh for eight days without keeping them in the refrigerator. Ranchi-based National Agricultural Secondary Institute has developed this technique. In this technique, a lacquer based coating is applied on vegetables and fruits. This layer is edible and is not harmful to health.

Self life of fruits and vegetables will increase

Scientists of the institute told that the lacquer based fruit coating has been tested on tomato, capsicum, brinjal and parwal. This coating has been found successful in all types of tests. Using this will increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and farmers will be able to market their crops better. Work on its technical aspects has been completed.

40 percent of the goods rot

According to an estimate, about 40 per cent of fruits and vegetables get rotten between the time they reach the consumers from the farms. This technique will also prevent wastage. Please tell that Jharkhand is the largest producer of lacquer in the whole country.

Its demand is increasing internationally

Lacquer is bio degradable, non toxic and eco friendly. It is used in the coating of tablets, capsules and medicines. Pharmaceutical companies use these as inert materials inside capsules. In view of the increasing demand of lac at the international level, its cultivation is being done on a large scale in 12 districts of the state and about four lakh families are involved in this cultivation.

Approval was received this year

The National Institute of Secondary Agriculture, Namkum, Ranchi has played the most important role in research on the production and use of lac. Established in the year 1924, this national institute was earlier known as the Indian Lac Research Institute and then till recently as the Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) had approved its name in September this year as National Agricultural Secondary Institute. Now, apart from lac, this institute will also do research on improving the yield and better utilization of many types of agricultural products.

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