FPI Inflow: Impact of US bank crisis in India, FPI started withdrawing money

FPI Inflow: Impact of US bank crisis in India, FPI started withdrawing money

The impact of the US Bank Crisis is now clearly visible on the Indian stock market. The trend which was seen in the investment of Foreign Portfolio Investors during the month of March has now started reversing. Due to this, there has been a decrease in the figure of FPI Investment during the month of March so far. At the end of trading on March 17, FPI investments in equities so far this month stood at Rs 11,495 crore. Earlier, after the week ending March 10, the FPI investment figure during the month of March was Rs 13,450 crore. This means that during this week i.e. March 13 to March 17, FPIs withdrew Rs 7,953.68 crore from the Indian market, due to which their net investment decreased by Rs 2,045 crore.

Banking has spread Crisis of the world

Silicon Valley Bank was closed by the authorities first in America. After that Signature Bank also sank. The crisis in the banking world did not stop here. Another American bank First Republic Bank is also on the verge of drowning, efforts are being made to save it. On the other hand, Credit Suisse, one of the oldest banks in Europe, is also facing challenges.

This big deal at the beginning of the month

Due to the current crisis in the banking and financial world Selling was seen in the Indian market last week. During the week, both the BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty indices fell around 2-2 per cent. FPI had a big contribution in this selling in the Indian stock markets. Earlier this month, FPIs were investing a fair amount in the Indian market. In the beginning of March itself, four Adani group companies received FPI investment of Rs 15,446 crore through block deals.

Impact of these factors on the market

Indian stock markets This week started with a downfall. This happened because of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on the last trading day of last week. After this, investors became more scared due to the sinking of Signature Bank. However, later the market got some relief after various parties came forward to save Credit Suisse and First Republic Bank. Better-than-expected inflation data also worked to improve sentiment.

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