Foxconn in India: India’s era has begun, it is about to ring across the world, this giant company said this

Foxconn in India: India’s era has begun, it is about to ring across the world, this giant company said this

India is rapidly emerging as a hub of global manufacturing. Products of many famous companies like Apple and Google are now being manufactured in India. Manufacturing of Apple’s iPhone has already started in India. Now Google has announced to start manufacturing of its flagship smartphone Pixel in India. Have commented. According to Foxconn, India’s era has begun in the world and now India is going to dominate the world in the field of manufacturing. This comment also becomes special because after devices like smartphones, preparations are going on for large-scale manufacturing of semiconductors and EVs in India.

Comment of Foxconn’s India Representative

Foxconn’s India representative Wei Lee made a post about this on the professional social network LinkedIn. He shared pictures of the event Hon High Tech Day 2023 held on October 18. Along with the pictures, he wrote, a great program with immense aspirations for India, this is the beginning of the era of India, which is dedicated to EV and semiconductor.

Shifting from China to India

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is a multinational company headquartered in Taiwan. It is the parent company of Foxconn. Foxconn manufactures iPhone and other devices on contract for Apple. The company’s manufacturing has been China-centric till now, but now the picture is changing. Foxconn is shifting a large part of its manufacturing to India.

Google has made this announcement

Many other contract manufacturers of Apple are making iPhones in India. The recently launched iPhone 15 is manufactured in India, which is also being exported from here to many other markets. Google has announced in an event this week that the manufacturing of its flagship Pixel phone will start in India.

Foxconn’s preparations in India

Talking about Foxconn, recently many It was told in media reports that the company is preparing to start EV manufacturing in Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, the company is also preparing to set up a semiconductor plant by taking advantage of the PLI scheme for semiconductors. Earlier Foxconn and Vedanta were jointly setting up semiconductor plants, but now both are working on separate plans.

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