Forbes Billionaires List 2023: India ranks third in the world in terms of number of billionaires, only America and China are ahead

Forbes Billionaires List 2023: Global The number of billionaires has increased in the rich countries of the world despite the global economic situation and the fall in the stock markets around the world. India is also witnessing a boom in the number of billionaires.  According to Forbes list of 2023, there are a total of 2640 billionaires in 77 countries of the world.  In which America has the highest total of 735 billionaire citizens. While India ranks third in terms of number of billionaires, the number of billionaires in India is expected to increase to 169 in 2023.

Net worth of Indian billionaires to decline in 2023 

According to this list, three new billionaires have been added to the number of billionaires in India. But India’s billionaires are left with a net worth of $675 billion in 2023, which is $75 billion less than in 2022. There has been a decrease in the net worth due to the huge fall in the stocks of Adani Group.  Mukesh Ambani tops the list with a net worth of $83.4 billion. 

Top Billionaires in America

According to the list of billionaires of Forbes, there were 735 billionaires in America in 2022. In 2023, 50 were removed from the old list but 60 new billionaires have joined this list and in 2023 also the number of billionaires is 735. In 2022, there were 539 billionaire citizens in China. But in 2023 this number has come down to 495. That is, 44 billionaires have decreased in China. Citizens of Hong Kong and Macau have not been included in this list. In India, where there were 166 billionaire citizens in 2022, their number has increased to 169 in 2023. In one year, 3 new billionaires have been included in the list. Germany is in fourth place. There were a total of 134 billionaires in Germany in 2022, which has come down to 126 in 2023. 

A sharp jump in the number of billionaires in Russia 

According to the list of Forbes, in 2022, despite the economic sanctions, the maximum number of Arpatis has increased in Russia. In 2022, where there were 83 billionaires, it has increased to 105 in 2023. There were 67 billionaires in Hong Kong in 2022, which has remained 66 in 2023. Italy had 52 billionaires in 2022, which has increased to 64 in 2023. UK has increased from 50 to 52, Canada has decreased from 64 to 63, France has 43 and Switzerland has 41 billionaires.  

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