Find out in this way that your phone is not hacked? No one can steal your data

Photo: File Find out in this way that your phone is not hacked?

In today’s time, it is very important to have a secure smartphone. Many times our smartphone gets hacked and we do not even know. In such a situation, you can follow the methods given by us to find it out.

These days people are preferring to keep data safe along with money. However, many times it happens that people’s phones get hacked and they are not even aware of it. If you think that your smartphone has been targeted by hackers, then you should not ignore it at all. Which means you make sure you find out and then take the right steps, if necessary, to protect your data.

The Techcrunch company has created a tool, with the help of which it can now be detected in one to two minutes whether the phone is hacked or not. So let’s know how this tool works.

step 1: First of all, get a phone or computer device that is completely safe.

Step 2: After that go to the webpage from that device.

Step 3: Where Enter IMEI or Ads ID is written, write the IMEI number of your phone there. Keep in mind that the IMEI number should be of the same phone on which you suspect to be hacked. Do not confuse the IMEI number with the phone number. This is actually a 14-15 digit number which is unique to every mobile phone. Dial *#06# on the phone to find it. IMEI number will appear on your screen. One may have to call *#06# to find IMEI number in any phone.

Find out from this condition

If the IMEI number matches with the ID leaked list, it means that your phone was hacked. If the IMEI number closely matches the leaked list, it means that only external data has been stolen such as the device manufacture name and if there is no match, it means that your device has not been tampered with. . In this way, through the IMEI number of any device, you can find out whether its data has been tampered with or not.

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