EPFO adds record members in July, creates new history by adding 18.75 lakh new members

EPFO adds record members in July, creates new history by adding 18.75 lakh new members

EPFO Members Data: According to the provisional data of Employee Provident Fund Organization, EPF has added maximum 18.75 lakh members in July. This is a record for the highest number of member additions since the publication of EPFO ​​payroll data started in April 2018. This payroll data is being published from September 2017. This trend has been continuing for three consecutive months and EPFO ​​has added a total of 85,932 members in June 2023.

Record enrollment of new members

EPFO data shows that 10.27 lakh new members have been enrolled in July 2023, which is the highest since July 2022. In July 2023, the age of the majority of new members was mainly between 18-25 years, which was 58.45 percent of the total enrollment of members. If we look at gender-based data, 3.86 lakh women members have been added to the July payroll data. There are 2.75 lakh women who have come under social security coverage for the first time.

See state wise data

If we look at the state-wise data, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and Haryana are among the states leading in adding members to EPFO. 58.78 percent of the total member additions are coming from these states. In July 2023, a total of 11.02 lakh members have come from these 5 states and among these also Maharashtra is at the forefront. In July 2023, 20.45 percent of the total members have come from Maharashtra.

Enrolment of 19.88 lakh new workers also done under ESI Scheme

About 27,870 new establishments have been registered in July 2023. They have been brought under the social security of Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESI Scheme), this has ensured more coverage for them. These figures show that more jobs have been created for the youth of the country, because out of the total 19.88 lakh employees added during the month of July, 9.54 lakh employees up to the age group of 25 years are the highest in new registrations and this is the highest in the total. 47.9 percent of employees.

Analysis of payroll data shows that the net enrollment of women members in July, 2023 was 3.82 lakh. A total of 52 transgender employees have also registered under the ESI scheme in the month of July, 2023. 

Data required under ESI Scheme

19.88 lakh new workers enrolled under ESI scheme in the month of July, 2023

9.40 lakh youth employees above 25 years of age got new registrations

About 27,870 new establishments were registered under the ESI scheme in the month of July, 2023

ESI scheme benefits extended to 52 transgender employees in July, 2023

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