Electric Flying Taxi: Rental taxis flying to the Paris Olympics .. Two ways set up!

Our favorite air & zwnj; How nice it would be to rent a taxi! Soon this dream is going to come true. Electric & zwnj; Air & zwnj; Taxis are available in France & zwnj; Will be tested. It will create two unique ways to bring travelers to the 2024 Olympics. Paris & zwnj; Charles & zwnj; Le Bourget from de Gaulle & zwnj; One to the airports, Paris & zwnj; From two sub & zwnj; urban & zwnj; Another route will be established connecting the regions.

Earlier this year, Pontis & zwnj; Carmelis & zwnj; N & zwnj; Vaccine & zwnj; Hub Electric & zwnj; Taxi takeoff & zwnj ;, landing & zwnj; Examined zones. Volocopter & zwnj ;, Air & zwnj; Bus & zwnj; S & zwnj; E, Vertical & zwnj; Aerospace & zwnj; Group & zwnj ;, Lilium & zwnj; NB, Joby Aviation & France Department of Civil Aviation Electric & zwnj; Air & zwnj; Are involved in the taxi project.

Boom & zwnj; With the advent of electric & zwnj; Air & zwnj; Owners and investors are flocking to invest in taxi projects. Million & zwnj; Dollars are being invested. Lillium & zwnj; along with the British Vertical & zwnj; Aerospace & zwnj ;, German-owned Volocopter & zwnj; Competing fiercely for orders. Urban & zwnj; on these projects in cities in the US, UK & zwnj ;, Australia. Airport & zwnj ;, Hyundai Motor & zwnj; Companies like. Rome to test flying taxis over the next two years & zwnj; Also preparing.

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