Electric Cycles: There is not one but many options in electric cycles for age group above 18 years

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electric bicycle These are becoming increasingly popular due to their pocket friendly price, traffic relief and luxurious features. If you are also planning to buy an electric bicycle, then there are many good options available in India.

Electric Cycles: Electric bicycles are being touted as the future of biking and daily commute transport. An electric bicycle is not only becoming a means for students to go to school, college, but also because of morning fitness, the youth are very fond of it. There is neither the cost of petrol, gas nor any kind of maintenance charge in this. The best thing is that it neither causes pollution nor causes traffic problems. Come, let us tell you about the four best electrical bicycles coming in Rs 30,000 today.

Avon E-Plus

Avon Cycles Limited is a bicycle and e-bikes manufacturer based in Ludhiana, Punjab. In the year 2016, the company launched its e-cycle. This electrical vehicle was very pocket friendly, which cost around Rs 25,000. This bicycle of Avon can easily cover a distance of 50 kilometers once charged. Its charging time is about four and a half hours.

Komaki Super

Japanese tech leader and electric two wheeler manufacturer Komaki also makes high speed and pocket friendly electric bicycles with a good range. Its electrical bicycle looks like an electric bike. Its price is around 29 and a half thousand rupees. This electric bicycle can cover a distance of about 60 kilometers once charged. A limited power lead acid consumption battery of 0.29 kWh has been used in it.

Hero Lectro C3

Hero is a trusted two wheeler brand in India. Apart from bikes and scooters, the company also manufactures electric bicycles under its Hero Lectro brand. Hero lectro C3 is its best selling electric cycle, which is available at very pocket friendly price. Its price in India is around Rs 29,000. This electric bicycle runs for about 30 kilometers once charged. A 0.2088 kWh lithium ion battery has been used in this.

Hero Lectro C5

The C5 model of Hero company’s Lectro series is also very much liked by the customers. This is also a great electric bicycle in terms of price and features, which costs Rs 30,999. This bicycle can cover a distance of about 30 kilometers once charged. A 0.2088 kWh lithium ion battery has been used in this.

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