Diwali Muhurat Trading: This time the stock market will open on Sunday also, there will be special trading for this time in the evening.

Diwali Muhurat Trading: This time the stock market will open on Sunday also, there will be special trading for this time in the evening.

The stock market generally trades for 5 days every Monday to Friday. Monday is called the first trading day and Friday is called the last. There are weekly holidays in the market every week on Saturday and Sunday. This time the circumstances are going to be different. In a way, history is going to be made on the coming Sunday, because even after it is Sunday, there will be trading in the stock market.

This is the importance of the new Samvat

Share market on Sunday. The reason for business is related to Diwali. The festival of Diwali is also special for the Indian stock market. Every year a new Samvat begins with Diwali. New Samvat means new business year. For this reason, Samvat has special importance for businessmen in India. On this occasion of change in Samvat, there has been a tradition that businessmen perform puja and start new account books in place of old ones.

Muhurat Trading on the day of Diwali

< p>To commemorate this annual change in the Samvat, special trading sessions have been arranged in the stock market every year on the occasion of Diwali. This special trading is known as Muhurat trading. Since this time the festival of Diwali is falling on Sunday, November 12, this time the special trading on the change of Samvat i.e. Muhurta trading will be on Sunday.

Market will be open for one hour

According to the information available on the official websites of BSE and NSE, this year the Muhurat trading time is from 6 pm to 7.15 pm. That means on Sunday, on the day of Diwali, there will be special trading in the market for one and a quarter hour from 6 pm to 7.15 pm. It also includes a 15-minute pre-open session. Under Muhurat trading, the market is opened for one hour every year. During Muhurat trading, apart from equity, trading is done in categories like commodity derivatives, currency derivatives, equity futures and options, security lending and borrowing.

Symbolic significance of Muhurat

Muhurat trading. It is not of much commercial importance, but it holds symbolic importance. It is believed that the Muhurat is auspicious for the beginning of the new year in the trading market. For this reason, many investors make symbolic deals on Muhurta trading days and thus formally start trading in the new year.

This is the history of the last 10 years

In general. During Muhurta trading, the stock market closes with a boom. If we look at the history of the last 10 years, except a few occasions the market has been in the green zone during Muhurat trading most of the times. The market has been green 7 times out of the last 10, while it has suffered losses 3 times. Talking about this time, Vikram Samvat 2080 will start with Muhurta trading. Market analysts are expecting the market to remain strong in Muhurta trading this time.

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