Diwali 2023: Be wise while shopping for Diwali, these tricks will save your money

Diwali 2023: Be wise while shopping for Diwali, these tricks will save your money

Diwali has arrived. With this the festive season has reached its peak. The markets are decorated and purchases worth crores of rupees are being made. The cleaning and decoration of the houses is also almost complete. Everyone’s shopping list is ready. If you too have made up your mind to loosen your purse strings this festive season, then let us help you a little in this. Here we tell you how you can save your budget from getting spoiled in this festive season which is heavy on your pocket. 

Decide everything before leaving home 

Before purchasing for festivals, decide what you need. Decide the budget accordingly. Many times we buy many things from the market. Later it seems that we did not need some of these things. This spoils your budget. Therefore, it would be better if you leave home after making a list of items and do not waste money on unnecessary things. Otherwise you may get into trouble after the festivals. 

Make sure to look at the offers from banks and companies 

Like every year, this time also almost all banks and companies have come out with offers on Diwali. Therefore, definitely keep an eye on bank offers. See where better offers are available. Do not pay attention to the messages coming from the bank. Fully understand the terms and conditions of the offer from its website. If you want to buy any product on EMI, then find out which bank or card can give you cashback apart from zero interest. Also take a look at other charges including processing fees. 

Please check online price 

Gone are those days when the prices at online stores were quite reasonable. Therefore, it is important that you find out the rates from your nearest market and compare them with the online platform. Then decide where money can be saved. After this, you can get even better discounts by going to the market and showing online offers. Often the discounts available on online shopping can tempt you. But you will be in profit only if you shop wisely. 

Use credit card 

Many times banks do not give much offer on purchases made through debit card, UPI and netbanking. At the same time, there are plenty of offers on credit cards. In this also you can check which bank’s credit card has more benefits. You can also avail the benefits of interest free shopping and cashback. You will also get time to return the money. If you also have online coupons, use them to get a discount.

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