Defense Ministry signs three big deals worth Rs 5,400 crore for army, satellite and Akashteer

Government of India is making many plans to further strengthen the defense. Now the government has made three big deals. The Ministry of Defense has done three big deals for Rs 5,400 crore. This will make India’s defense stronger. The biggest deal of Rs 3000 crore has been done for the Indian Army with New Space India Limited, under which advanced communication satellite will be prepared. 

Two other big deals have been done with BEL by the Ministry of Defence. Automated Air Defense Control and Reporting System ‘Project Akashteer‘ will be procured. On the other hand, under the second government contract, the Sarang Electronic Support Measure System will be procured for the Indian Navy, for which a total of Rs 412 crore will be spent. 

Project Akashteer 

Automatic Air Defense Control and Reporting System ‘Project Akashteer‘ Will make the air units of the Indian Army stronger. Along with this, the defense will be strengthened under the Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme. The Akashteer will be able to conduct low level airspace surveillance over the Indian Army’s war zones and effectively control ground based air defense weapon systems. 

Sarang Systems 

This advanced electronic support major system is being prepared for the helicopter of the Indian Navy. It will be developed and designed by the Defense Electronic Research Laboratory Hyderabad under the Samudrika scheme. Under this scheme, about 2 lakh jobs will be created in three years. Both the schemes will encourage participation of Indian electronics and related industry including MSMEs, which are sub-vendors of BEL. 

Big deal to buy satellite 

A deal worth Rs 3000 crore has been signed by the Ministry of Defense to buy Advanced Communication Satellite GSAT 7B. These satellites will further enhance the army’s capability to transport troops and formations as well as weapons and aerial platforms. It will be prepared by ISRO. Its preparation will give a boost to the Indian space industry. This project will generate around 3 lakh jobs during 3.5 years. 

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