Cryptocurrency Prices: Bitcoin, which gained Rs. 1 lakh yesterday.

Cryptocurrency Prices Today, 16 July 2022: Crypto markets are in losses today. Traders and investors took up sales. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin‌ (Bitcoin) continues to decline by 1.42 percent to Rs.16.84 lakh. market‌ The value is Rs.31.85 lakh crore. Bit‌Coin‌ The next largest market‌ Ethereum with value‌ (Ethereum) was down 1.82 percent in the last 24 hours to trade at Rs.98,000. is becoming market‌ The value is Rs.11.88 lakh crore.

Tether‌ Up 0.06 percent to Rs 82.72, US‌D coin‌ Up 0.03 percent to 81.76, Binance‌ Coin‌ Down 1.2837 percent to Rs.19,190, Ripple‌ Down by 0.82 percent to Rs.28.19, Cardano continues down by 1.57 percent to Rs.36.14. Metal‌, Digi Byte‌, Ambier‌ Addex‌, Republic‌, Fetch‌ AI, power‌ Ledge‌, Ivotex‌ 1-5 percent are in profits. N‌KN‌, Compound‌, Celer‌ Network‌work‌, curve‌ Dao, Apecoin‌, Internet‌ Co, Air‌Swap‌ Losses range from 5-15 percent.

There will be fluctuations

Now it is easy to know the prices of crypto currencies. Most people are investing in these. Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dojicoin are most traded in India. are doing These prices fluctuate every day. market‌ Volatile. Most commonly heard BitCoin, Ether, DojiCoin, LiteCoin, Ripple. Prices change within minutes. 

What is crypto currency?

Crypto currency is a digital‌ Asset‌. They are allowed to be traded in many countries just like the current currency. Computerized‌d‌ database‌ Ownership of these coins is stored in ledgers. These are made through blockchain technology. This crypto currency is not physically visible. Everything is digital‌ It is in form. Central Bank‌ Digital‌ Currency has nothing to do with this.

Permission for trading in India

Crypto currency is not legal in India. But the government has given permission for trading. Government has nothing to do with profit and loss. Investors are liable. With the increase in public awareness, crypto currency exchanges, trading, etc. Flat‌Forms‌, Apps‌ Many are available.

Regulation coming soon!

It is learned that the central government is ready to regulate crypto currency. In fact, they tried to introduce the regulation bill in the winter session itself. But more professionals, stake‌ Decided to take the advice of holders and veterans. Although initially there was news that cryptos will be completely banned, it is known that the Crypto Asset‌, Regulation Bill is being brought.

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