Crypto theft in jail.

Russia’s old prison, known as Putirka, has become a site for illegal crypto – mining activities.

A high-ranking prison warden of the prison has also been accused of stealing electricity from other parts of the prison to facilitate crypto mining inside the prison.

Built in 1771 in central Moscow, the prison holds up to 2,000 prisoners over the age of 25. Police are currently investigating the crypto mining activities inside the jail.

The matter came to light following the discovery of mining equipment at a psychiatric hospital run by the Federal Penitentiary Service at the prison.

Investigators suspect that the crypto mining power theft has been going on at the prison since November 2021, according to a statement from

Already last year the Russian government banned crypto mining there following a series of power shortages. It was followed by the announcement of the closure of the crypto mining factories.

Following the Ukraine-Russia war, it ordered the government to register and operate crypto-mining factories in Russia.

Meanwhile, the main warden of the crypto mining prison has been arrested and prosecuted following an incident that took place in a prison with banned equipment.