Crypto currency is dangerous.. RBI Governor who has stirred Bagheer!

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das on Thursday slammed cryptocurrencies as a “clear risk”. He also said that without any basic evidence, taking value based on faith is all speculation in a sophisticated name.

After collecting cryptocurrency inputs from various stakeholders and institutions, the government is working to finalize the consultation on cryptocurrencies. At this time, the Governor of the Reserve Bank has said this, which has caused great concern to the crypto companies.

The Reserve Bank of India has been openly voicing its concerns about cryptocurrencies for the past several years. And cryptocurrencies are considered a highly speculative asset from the central bank’s point of view.

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In the foreword to the 25th issue of the Financial Stability Report (FSR) published last June 30, cyber risks are increasing as the financial system grows and everything is digitized; Therefore, more special attention is needed in it, said Das.

And, “we need to be very careful about the deeper dangers that cryptocurrencies pose. Cryptocurrencies are an obvious risk. “Anything that takes value on faith, without any fundamental evidence, is mere speculation in a sophisticated name,” Shaktikanta Das has said succinctly.

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