Coin base leaving India .. time to explode .. What is the fate of the youth?

Coinbase, the world’s second largest crypto exchange company, launched its business in India at the end of last March with high expectations.

But the next day Coinbase faced a bang for the buck. NPCI Crypto, India’s online payment controller, has announced that it has no connection with UPI payments and my company.

Following this, all crypto companies in India completely disabled online payment options such as UPI and NEFT. Following this, Coinbase lost 44 per cent of its trading value in India.

Coinbase has announced that it is slowing down the hiring of employees for the time being to make a new development in blockchain technology. Coinbase said in a government filing that users could lose direct claims to their crypto assets in the event of a bankruptcy.

So there are rumors that Coinpach will soon leave India and move to the United States. It states that employees who are currently employed may be dismissed at any time.