Chip Manufacturing: Obstacles in the path of self-reliant India, its lack will be felt in chip manufacturing

Chip Manufacturing: Obstacles in the path of self-reliant India, its lack will be felt in chip manufacturing

Semiconductor Industry: With the rapidly changing technology, the importance of chip ie Semiconductor has increased considerably. This is the reason why a lot of efforts are being made to make the country self-sufficient (Aatmanirbhar Bharat) in the case of semiconductors. However, a major obstacle may come in this way and may have to depend on other countries for some time. A government official has informed about this.

So many thousand people are needed

According to a news agency PTI, Prashant Kumar, scientist of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Citing an internal report, he said this in a panel discussion on the occasion of Council Foundation Day. He said that India currently does not have skilled people to handle chip manufacturing plants, whereas by the year 2027, the industry will need 10,000 to 13,000 such skilled people.

Now people will come from outside< /h3>

He said that India has a sufficient number of semiconductor design engineers, but initially people from other countries will have to be called to handle the semiconductor plant. Later, gradually resources will be developed in the country itself. Quoting reports, he said that there is a shortage in the country of skilled people required for roles other than strategic roles in semiconductor manufacturing.

Government is doing it

Kumar told that the government is aiming to prepare more than 85 thousand skilled workers by the year 2027 under the chips-to-startup program. Apart from this, the government is providing expensive and state-of-the-art electronics design automation to 120 organizations. These organizations include colleges, startups and government institutions. With this step of the government, students are getting a firsthand experience of these state-of-the-art machines.

This Olympiad has started

Electronics Sector Skills Council of India has started Electronics Olympiad during the event . The Olympiad was started in association with Government CSC e-Governance Services. Students from schools, colleges and higher education institutions will compete among themselves for electronics projects in this Olympiad.

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