Car Modification: Car modification is planning, so keep these things in mind

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It is normal to get modification done in changing times and changing technology, but things related to it should not be ignored before modification. So now if you are thinking of getting your car modified, then first of all it is necessary to know some rules and regulations related to modification. Actually, there is no problem in giving a different look to the car, but the modification of some things is not advised by the RTO department. So here we are going to share information with you about those things which you do not need to modify differently.

Get the vehicles modified, but not in the following parts-

fancy number plateFancy number plate was common till a few days back, but now the government has taken a strict stand towards it. Now there is only one rule regarding the number plate legally in the whole country, under which it is necessary to have a number plate with IND in any vehicle. If not, then you can come under heavy challan.

Extra Lights- Many people like to sparkle and shine and that is the reason why they like to install extra lights in vehicles as well. But keep in mind that this can also be considered legally wrong. Actually according to CMVR act there are some rules related to extra light in which theme and lighting have already been explained in detail. If you do not do this, then the traffic police can deduct your challan.

silencer- There are two purposes behind installing a silencer. The first is to reduce carbon emissions and vehicle noise in a fixed amount, but people get amateurs fitted in different sound silencer vehicles. However, according to the rule, the silencer should not be changed.

loud horn Companies often give horns in the vehicle, but many people get the horn of their choice installed. Due to which there is a violation of the guidelines along with sound pollution as well as legally. Along with this, pressure horn is also not allowed.

Get the modification done keeping these things in mind, otherwise, after the cost of modification, you may have to pay fine along with breaking the rules.

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