“Brilliant” result .. Finance that lifted Indians by putting a sketch !!

Finance America has appointed Krishna Juvvadi of Indian descent as its legal team and new vice president.

Krishna Juwadi, the new chairman of Finance America’s Legal Committee, has previously served as a trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and as the global head of operational consensus at Uber.

The accounting firm announced on its official Twitter page on May 19 that it had introduced Juwwadi as the head of its legal committee.

Recently Finance Company has been aiming to obtain its operating licenses in as many countries as possible. It is also the most licensed crypto exchange company in the world.

“We have taken Krishna to the right place because Indians are more talented and problem solving,” said Chengpeng Zhao, CEO of Finance.

The finance company focuses on strengthening its legal committees in various parts of the world and plans to ensure that its operations comply with the laws of the country.

Chengpeng Zhao also said that Krishna would appoint them as its chairman of the Legislative Council to make safer laws following the decision.