Boss, do you have a lot of Bitcoin in your hand? Then you too can buy your own house .. like that?

Although crypto culture is growing globally, especially in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) it is experiencing rapid growth. Damac Properties, a Dubai-based real estate developer, has recently decided to accept payments through cryptocurrency.

In addition, Damac Properties has announced that bitcoin and adversaries can buy assets in cryptocurrencies for a fee. The company claims that “this action is to create a revolution in the future of real estate” and that the company aims to be at the forefront.

Ali Sajwani, head of real estate, said the cryptocurrency could expand the customer’s payment system and bring a new economy and professional business to future generations.

Earlier, Milo Credit, a crypto site, had announced that it could mortgage a crypto in Miami, USA and buy a home loan without any down payment.

A man who moved to Miami has mortgaged his bitcoins through the Milo Credit site and bought a house for himself.