Boarding pass or ticket will not be required to travel from airport, work will be done with the help of Digi Yatra Service

Photo: File Will travel at the airport without boarding pass or ticket

Digi Yatra: The Government of India has launched a new service in India which aims to make air travel a lot easier. It has been named Digi Yatra. This will allow passengers to move to different parts of the airport without a boarding pass or ticket. It is designed to provide contactless passenger facilitation at airports based on Facial Recognition Technology (FRT).

started at these three airports

The Digi Yatra service, which was launched on Thursday, is currently made available at only three airports. This facility will be started soon at other major airports as well. Firstly it has been made operational for the airports of New Delhi, Varanasi and Bengaluru.

How to enroll for Digi Yatra

A passenger will be required to create a Digi Yatra ID in a central system by providing his/her details and documents. Let us know how it can be made?

keep these details with you

1. Name

2. Email ID
3. Mobile Number
4. Details for identification (Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhaar etc.)

On submission Digi Yatra ID will be generated. Passengers will be able to mention this number while booking tickets. The passenger’s data including Digi Yatra ID will be sent by the airlines to the airport.

Manual verification will have to be done for the first time

During the first journey, the passenger will have to visit the registration kiosk at the airport for ID verification. In case of Aadhaar, the verification will be done online and for other IDs, a CISF personnel will do the verification manually. Once the verification is done, the photo of the passenger will be added to the digi yatra profile of the central system. Let us tell you, once you have enrolled for DigiYatra, it will be possible to roam inside the airport without any restriction. No boarding pass or ticket will be required for this.

This is how Digi Yatra will be used

  • Tickets will be required at the entry point. Passenger has to show ticket or boarding pass (both digital and physical will work)
  • The device will scan the boarding pass or e-ticket
  • On scanning the barcode/QR code, the system will validate the passenger and flight details.
  • Digi Yatra ID will then verify the identity through face recognition.
  • On successful verification of ticket and Digi Yatra ID, the e-gate will open.
  • Once you are inside the airport.
  • Passengers will be able to enter the security area and aircraft boarding through the E-Gate which will be operated using a facial recognition system.

Benefits of Digi Yatra

Each step of the journey to the airport required showing a ticket or boarding pass which will no longer be the case. In addition the airport operator will have real time information on passenger load. Airlines will also know the status of passengers at the airport. Who is doing what where?

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