Bitcoins in the criminal case .. Government seized .. Announcement as donations to refugees!

The Finnish government has said it will donate Bitcoin (BTC) used for criminal activities to Ukrainian refugees. The Finnish government has seized about 1,981 bitcoins (approximately Rs 600 crore), according to local media reports.

The seized bitcoins have been seized by Finnish customs officials from those involved as they have been used for crimes such as “drug and drug trafficking”.

The country’s courts have ordered the transfer of the seized bitcoins to the state. It is said that the seized coins will be exchanged for cash and donated.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, one of Finland’s largest newspapers, the government has not refused to supply the seized bitcoins “directly to Ukraine.”

Sources in the newspaper said that no decision has yet been made on how much to donate to Ukraine.

Following this, the Finnish government has selected two crypto brokerage firms to sell the bitcoins for cash, according to Bloomberg.

According to the Helsinki-based Sanomat newspaper, President Sauli Niinistö will make key decisions at the May Summer Meeting on whether to allow cryptocurrencies in the country, as people are more likely to use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in multiple criminal contexts.