Bitcoin Benson .. “Damn Bale Project” .. Welcome Officials .. What will the government decide?

Everyone knows how important the Benson Plan is to an individual and his or her family. A pension plan is an amount that is deducted from our paycheck for our future by the company we work for.

So if the amount we save everyday or an amount we do not know is saved for our future then it is our pension amount.

At present cryptocurrencies in the opinion of everyone are useful in various ways such as buying goods on the Internet and making payments in hotels (only in some places in our country).

Governments, public sector companies, banks and private companies are also implementing various financial schemes to keep Bitcoin abroad.

In particular, Fidelity, a US-based pension provider, has announced that it is exploring the possibility of allowing Bitcoin investment in 401 (k) pension accounts and the risks and potential inconsistencies associated with the scheme.

Following the announcement, US Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Elizabeth Warren of Minnesota and Tina Smith of Minnesota were asked by Fedolits to submit a decision on the bitcoin retirement plan by May 18.