Bihar LPG Price: LPG cylinder is the most expensive in this state, even after subsidy the price crosses Rs 1000.

Bihar LPG Price: LPG cylinder is the most expensive in this state, even after subsidy the price crosses Rs 1000.

The Central Government has recently announced to increase the subsidy on 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinder. This decision has been taken to provide relief to the common people from inflation during the festive season. After this subsidy, LPG prices fell below Rs 1000 in almost the entire country.

Relief before festivals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a subsidy of Rs 200-200 on domestic LPG cylinder and called it a Rakshabandhan gift. After the announcement of PM Modi, some state governments announced additional subsidy while giving relief to the people from their side as well. In this way, people have got a big relief from inflation just before the festive season, because LPG cylinder is used in the kitchen of almost all the houses and affects the kitchen budget of every family.

Bihar I still feel so much

However, people of all the states of the country are not equally lucky. Still many people have to pay more than thousands of rupees for a 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder. According to an IANS report, after subsidy, people in Bihar have to pay Rs 1,050 for a gas cylinder, which is the highest in the entire country. It is interesting that now Bihar is the only state left, where the price of domestic LPG cylinder is more than Rs 1000. Same situation. Government oil and gas marketing companies cut the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 158 after the announcement of subsidy on domestic LPG cylinders. Even after this deduction, the price of commercial LPG cylinder in Bihar is around Rs 1,800, which is the highest in the country.

Cheapest cylinder available here

Cheapest LPG cylinder talk If you do, the name of Rajasthan comes in this matter. From April 1, the Rajasthan government is providing LPG cylinders to the people for just Rs 500. However, the beneficiaries and poor families of PM Ujjwala Yojana are getting its benefits. Goa is also famous for providing cheap LPG cylinders to the public. Goa government from its side is giving a subsidy of Rs 275. The ration card holders of Antyodaya scheme are getting its benefit. In this way, the cheapest LPG cylinder in Goa is costing around Rs.625. Profit is not for everyone. In such a situation, if you see except this, then the cheapest LPG cylinder is in Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Jaipur, where the prices are between 900 to 905 rupees. While the cheapest commercial LPG cylinder is available in Mumbai for Rs 1,482.

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