Bihar Diwas: The empire of business reached London, but this taste of Bihar has not gone till now!

Bihar Diwas: The empire of business reached London, but this taste of Bihar has not gone till now!

Anil Agarwal Bihar Diwas: Bihar state came into existence on this day about 110 years ago. For this reason Bihar Diwas (Bihar Diwas 2023) is celebrated every year on 22 March. This time too the story is no different and like every time people associated with Bihar are sharing their memories. At present, even though Bihar is identified as an industrially backward state, but like in other areas, many people of Bihar are in the front row. The most prominent name among them is that of Vedanta Chairman Anil Agawal and he too could not save himself from old memories on this day.

The journey started from Patna to London

< p> Right now Anil Agarwal is not dependent on any identity. He has created an empire of Mining and Metal Business in many countries of the world. Right now the headquarters of his company Vedanta Resources Ltd is across the seven seas in London, but his story started from the land of Bihar. Born in an ordinary family, Anil Agarwal’s journey which started from Bihar has reached London via Mumbai. In this journey, he achieved many great achievements, but he could never cut off from his roots.

Agarwal is active on social media

Businessman Anil Agarwal is very active on social media. live. For some time now, he has been sharing the story of his journey with the people in episodes. Today, on the occasion of Bihar Day also, he updated the post on social media. In the post, he talks about how he still misses Bihar and why he can’t forget Bihar even after traveling around the world.

Homesick still haunts him

Agarwal writes on Twitter, You all know that English is not my first language, but I am “homesick” I understood its meaning only when I had to leave Bihar due to work. The less said about Bihar. Everything here is out of the world. As soon as the road sign of Bihar starts appearing, a smile comes on my face. For me, coming to Bihar means getting lost in childhood memories filled with love, happiness and good food.

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Not forgotten Bihar plate

Vedanta Chairman had recently visited Bihar. Sharing the experience about the recent visit, he wrote, “Sometime back I got a chance to visit the streets where I spent my childhood and I ate litti first thing on my arrival… With Coriander Chutney and Brinjal Chokha… Absolutely awesome I still remember how all of us children used to sit in front of the fire during winters and help our elders in making litti chokha. Saw the whole world, but didn’t get better food than this… It is said that wherever your heart is, that is your home. My heart, my childhood, my everything is in this food plate…

Giving important contribution in these initiatives

Let us tell you that Anil Agarwal’s company Vedanta is now limited to metal and Not limited to mining. Aggarwal’s company is also contributing to the campaign of Make in India and self-reliant India. Anil Agarwal’s company has entered into an agreement with Taiwanese company Foxconn. As per the agreement, both the companies will jointly set up a semiconductor manufacturing plant in India, for which a site has been identified in Gujarat.

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