Biggies Burger: Left Infosys, started company with Rs 20,000, today is an empire worth Rs 100 crore

Biggies Burger: Left Infosys, started company with Rs 20,000, today is an empire worth Rs 100 crore

Biraja Route Startup: India's industry is full of exciting stories. After economic liberalisation, people here started writing their fortunes with a handful of money and today they have created an empire worth billions. Today we will tell you about one such ordinary person, who has ruined global companies like McDonald's and Burger King. His business, which started with just Rs 20 thousand, has grown to more than Rs 100 crore today. Let us know about them. 

Idea of ​​grilled burger turns into a Rs 100 crore company 

Burgers are very famous in India. But, due to big companies like McDonald's, KFC and Burger King, no one wanted to enter this segment. But, Biraja Rout not only entered this risky segment but also took his grilled burgers to every corner of the country. His idea of ​​grilled burgers has today transformed into a Rs 100 crore company.

Birja Raut used to work with Infosys in Bengaluru

Raut started working with Infosys in Bengaluru. He ate his first burger at the age of 21. After this he realized that burger is not just a snack but a complete meal, which can satisfy his hunger. After this, after a little research, he came to know that no local company is famous for making burgers. It was from here that the idea of ​​opening a burger company came to his mind and Biggies Burgers was born. 

Learned to make burgers from YouTube and became a foodpreneur

He learned how to make burgers through YouTube. After this he turned from techie to foodpreneur. He opened a small burger store near the Infosys office in Bangalore. It soon gained popularity due to its taste and quality. Soon Bigis Burgers grew from a kiosk to a store. 

Now the aim is to make a company worth Rs. 200 crores 

Gradually Bigis Burgers climbed the stairs of success and in 2023 its market value has reached Rs 100 crore. Birja Raut's next goal is to take her brand to small and medium cities. Also, Biggis Burgers has to be made a company worth Rs 200 crore. Today Bigis Burgers has 130 stores in 28 cities, spread across 14 states. The company has sold 50 lakh burgers so far. 

Success achieved through taste and quality 

According to Birja Raut, the biggest reason for the success of Bigis Burger is its Indian taste and quality. In such a situation, this success of Birja is a source of inspiration for those people who are hesitant in starting a business due to lack of money.

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