Basmati Rice Exports: Now ban on export of Basmati rice, now only more expensive rice can be sent out of the country

Basmati Rice Exports: Now ban on export of Basmati rice, now only more expensive rice can be sent out of the country

Inflation has once again started raising its head in the domestic market for the last two months. After touching the lowest level in May, inflation is increasing continuously and in the month of July it has crossed 7 percent. Keeping this in mind, the central government is continuously taking several steps to control the trade. In the latest case, efforts have been made to control the export of basmati rice.

The government has now banned the export of basmati rice priced below $1,200 per metric ton. Now the exporters will be able to send only expensive Basmati rice outside the country at this rate. Even before this, the government has been imposing various types of restrictions from time to time on the export of rice. After the latest update, export of several categories of rice has been banned.

Due to this decision

Government says white non-basmati rice in the guise of premium basmati rice Apprehensions were being expressed about the illegal export of To remove those apprehensions and prevent illegal exports, it has been decided not to allow export of basmati rice below $1,200 per tonne.

This ban on exports is temporary

The Ministry of Commerce issued a statement regarding this on Sunday. The ministry informed that the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has been instructed not to register contracts below $1,200 per tonne. According to the statement, this decision is temporary. A committee will be formed under the chairmanship of APEDA to take further decision regarding this. A decision to continue or lift the ban will be taken based on the recommendations of the committee.

Export ban on these varieties

Government to control the retail prices of rice and increase the domestic market. is taking several steps to ensure adequate supply to meet the coming demand. The government had banned the export of broken rice in September last year. Last month, the export of non-basmati white rice was banned. Last week, an export duty of 20 per cent was imposed on non-basmati rice. India has now banned all varieties of non-basmati rice as well.

Update on sugar exports

During the past week there were also reports that the government is Export is also going to be banned. However, the government later clarified that neither any decision has been taken regarding banning the export of sugar nor any idea is going on in this regard. The government had said that depending on how the sugarcane crop fares in the current season, a decision will be taken regarding the export of sugar.

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