Baroda Kisan Pakhwada: BOB launches ‘Baroda Kisan Pakhwada’ aimed at farmer development

Bank & zwnj; Off & zwnj; Baroda (BoB) & nbsp; Baroda Kisan & zwnj; Started the day. The fourth edition lasted for fifteen days with the farmers & zwnj; Baroda Kisan & zwnj; Will handle pakwada. Food & zwnj; And & zwnj; Agriculture & zwnj; Organization & zwnj; In line with (FAO) ideas, & lsquo; our actions are our future & rsquo; The theme of the event is & nbsp;

Baroda Kisan & zwnj; Recognized and appreciated in Pakwada. In addition, various events, knowledge series & honors will be organized to reach out to the farmers. The event is scheduled for October & zwnj; Expires 31, 2021. This will be of immense benefit to the farmers.
& nbsp;
18 zonal & zwnj; In offices "Center & zwnj; For Agriculture & zwnj; Marketing & zwnj; And & zwnj; Processing & zwnj; (CAMP) ” New centralized agricultural loan processing & zwnj; The centers were opened by Baroda Bank. The Credit Distribution System (CAMP) focuses on non-traditional agricultural products and agricultural marketing. Well-trained staff help farmers and consumers. Gold Loans, Self & zwnj; Help Group & zwnj; We prioritize finance. & nbsp; Gold & zwnj; Loan & zwnj; The segment recorded an annual growth of 11% or Rs. 650.00 crore, while the SHG segment grew by 6% or Rs. 54.96 crore. Kovid & zwnj; Then we expect strong growth in the agricultural sector. The Telangana and AP governments have been promoting the growth of the agrarian economy with a number of benefits, including the development of agricultural infrastructure (such as warehouses, construction of cold storages, food and SEZs for processing of agricultural products). Banks have the opportunity to reap these benefits & rdquo; Hyderabad & zwnj; Zone & zwnj; General & zwnj; Manager & zwnj; Shri Mann & zwnj; Mohan Gupta said.

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