Bank Alert: Your UPI ID may be closed, this work will have to be done by 31st December

Bank Alert: Your UPI ID may be closed, this work will have to be done by 31st December

NPCI New Guidelines: A very important news has come regarding your UPI ID. All banks and third party apps like PhonePe and Google Pay are going to close inactive UPI IDs. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has directed all banks and third party apps to block those IDs in which no transaction has been done for one year. For this, NPCI has given time till 31st December. Therefore, in any case, activate your UPI ID before this date. The bank will also send a notification to the users through email or message before deactivating the UPI ID. With this step of NPCI, UPI transactions will become more secure than before. Also, wrong transactions will also be stopped. 

What does the new guideline say 

According to the new guidelines of NPCI, all third party apps and PSP banks will verify the UPI ID and the mobile number linked to it of inactive customers. If any kind of credit or debit has not been done from this ID for one year, then it will be closed. From the new year, customers will not be able to transact with these IDs. 

There will be no scope for wrong transaction 

NPCI has given time till December 31 to banks and third party apps to identify such UPI IDs. Through these new guidelines, NPCI wants to ensure that money is not transferred to the wrong person nor is it misused. Many such cases have come to light in recent times. 

Changing mobile number brings difficulty 

Many times people change their mobile number and forget to switch the UPI ID linked to it. Due to the number being switched off for several days, it gets accessed by someone else. But, only the old UPI ID remains linked to this number. In such a situation, the possibility of wrong transaction increases manifold. 

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