Ate millions of pizzas in a year, handed over the bill after leaving the job

Ate millions of pizzas in a year, handed over the bill after leaving the job

CEO Claimed More Than 3 lakh Rupees for Pizza Expenses: Domino’s is one of the world’s largest pizza company. It works to serve pizza to crores of people every day. But an exploit of the former CEO of this company has brought the name of the company into the headlines. Domino’s Ex CEO Ritch Allison, former Domino’s CEO, has eaten pizzas worth more than Rs 3 lakh while in his post and put the bill at the expense of the company.

CEO spent lakhs on pizza

According to the information given by the company in the regulatory filing, the former CEO of Domino’s has eaten pizza worth more than Rs 3 lakh i.e. more than $ 4,000 in the last one year. In such a situation, the total cost of this pizza in Indian rupees is around 3.30 lakh rupees. In such a situation, Rich Ellison sought a claim from the company for $ 4,000 as reimbursement.

CEO’s salary was in crores

Significantly, the salary of Dominos CEO Rich Ellison was in crores. He was getting a package of $ 7.1 million i.e. Rs 58 crore on an annual basis. In such a situation, despite having such a salary, Alison had handed over a personal pizza bill of Rs 3 lakh to the company. Earlier in the year 2020, during the Corona period, Alison had spent a total of $6,129 on pizza, which she had also claimed from the company itself. In this case, this amount will be around Rs 5.05 lakh.

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